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At the centre of our work, and the heart of the Youth Plus Foundation, is the power of relationships. For young people to be inspired and motivated onto a positive pathway, they need to be connected with, and supported by the whole community. There are many ways a company/business can support our work.

We welcome the opportunity to explore this potential with you!

We pride ourselves in the relationships we have with our supporters 

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The Greg Hildebrand Award

Greg was…crazy!  He wore silly shirts and told bad jokes but they always made me laugh.  He had a passion for people and music and he always made such a big effort to make each day a good one.  He was always involved and always had room in his heart for one more friend.  The thing I admired most about him was his enthusiasm for life, the way he encouraged other people to “keep on going” even though he was fighting his own battle inside (Clive & Nita Hildebrand) 

This Award is in memory of Greg Hildebrand (18 March 1970 – 17 April 2010)) and holds a special place in the heart of Youth Plus.  It is available to Youth Plus Flexible Learning Centres across Australia. The award honours the life of a talented man with a vast appetite for life, a vivid imagination and an ability to light up a room with his sense of fun and quick wit.

Greg was described as having a natural aptitude for caring, inspiring and teaching values held true by all in Youth Plus.  He left a successful business career and was training to be a high school teacher when he died. QUT awarded his qualification posthumously

Greg would have loved Youth Plus; its optimism and enthusiasm would have matched his own. His parents looked for years for a suitable way to commemorate his life, which was action-packed enough to have filled twice his 40 years.

Youth Plus selected itself for their support.

The Youth Plus Foundation holds the relationship with the Hildebrand family very close to our hearts.

Winners of the Inaugural Greg Hildebrand Award  

2015 Geralton Flexible Learning Centre- Suicide Prevention Program

2016 Alice Springs Flexible Learning Centre – R U OK Youth Program?

2017 Townsville Flexible Learning Centre – Rainforest Kitchen

2018 Mount Isa Flexible Learning Centre – Mount Isa FLC Mowing and Garden Maintenance Enterprise

2019 St Mary’s Flexible Learning Centre – On ya Bike’ – Cycling Program’

The Music in ME! 

Newly introduced in 2019, The Music in ME! is an annual music competition designed for solo artists, bands and singers across the Youth+ Flexible Learning Network.

The Music in ME! is proudly supported by Clive & Nita Hildebrand, and is an extension of their generous donation to honour their late son Greg Hildebrand.

The goal of the competition is to uncover an outstanding, talented performer – a band, singer or solo artist…raw or polished – a hidden ‘gem’!

The talented winner/s will receive a $5000 cash injection into their Flexi Music Program.

In 2019, we want to acknowledge that music plays an often fundamental role in the making Flexi what it is – so if there was a song that represented Flexi, what would it be?

Judging will be based on originality, song writing arrangement, performance and overall musical appeal.

2019 Winners! Lucky & Musa students of Albert Park Flexible Learning Centre QLD

Hear “My Journey” the winning track by Lucky & Musa here!



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