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The Youth Plus Foundation works alongside of the HOPE Co-Op in Victoria, who support it’s members who are tertiary students of asylum-seeker background. Most have been in Australia for six or seven years and are denied the opportunity of permanent protection.

Government policy excludes these people from any Centrelink support at all, and most of them have been casual workers. As such, they are among the most vulnerable people in the country right now, being completely excluded from the safety nets being provided by government in response to the COVID19 crisis.

The Youth Plus Foundation and HOPE Co-Op already collaborate to operate a Living Support Fund, which helps support 10 asylum-seeker university students in Melbourne. We are really needing help from others in the community to raise the funds that will let us expand the number of people we can support given the current situation.

We are seeking donors who are able to support a one-off donation or commit to a small regular amount to see these students through this increasingly difficult time, it would be deeply appreciated.





Donations are fully tax deductible,  email if you’d like receipts sent to you –

All funds donated will go directly to people seeking asylum who have no access to Centrelink.

For more information about Hope CoOp – see website or contact

The Living Support Fund

The Living Support Fund (LSF) helps to sustain and build on the outcomes achieved by the Asylum Seeker Pathways Project, delivered by St Joseph’s Flexible Learning Centre in 2017-18, thanks to the Victorian State Government and the R.E.Ross Trust. The LSF provides access to both regular income supplements, and occasional emergency financial support, through a holistic model of engagement and support. Youth Plus Institute staff provide regular contact and wellbeing support as needed, while promoting the Living Support Fund – helped by your donation – as a means by which community members can contribute to the social, economic and educational inclusion of these young people.

If you donate to the LSF, 100% of your money will go towards:

  • supplying a yearly transport card, to make sure students never have to miss classes or lectures because of transport costs.
  • helping when financial crises arise, with emergency food and living costs
  • helping with the costs of university text books
  • giving a student a small but reliable contribution towards regular rent, bills and food expenses.

For most young people who have sought protection in Australia, the current federal government policies have cemented overwhelming barriers to education and integration. The Living Support Fund, along with the fee-contribution of Universities across the country, is helping to change the face of their future lives in Australia.

NB If you are interested in running an event to promote the LSF in your community or workplace, we would be very happy to support you however we can. Depending on your location, this may include a presentation at an event. Feel free to get in touch.* The list of current refugee/asylum-seeker scholarships can be found at

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Donations of $2 or more are tax-deductible for Australian residents.

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