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The current crisis in Afghanistan leaves many vulnerable.

There are currently 5,100 refugees from Afghanistan in Australia, many from the minority Hazara ethnic groups, who are on ‘temporary protection’ visas. Some of these are university students at Monash University in Melbourne. Many have family they are desperately worried about back in Afghanistan. These students urgently need to be granted permanent protection and help to navigate the system to see how best to assist their family members.

Hope Co-Op is helping to fund the legal fees of Afghan students, to relieve some financial stress during this extremely difficult time, The Youth Plus Foundation stands with Hope Coop for this campaign as it’s links are significant for our students receiving the Living Support Fund.

Hope Co-Op is an organisation owned by people of asylum-seeking backgrounds, to support asylum-seeker background university students.

Please consider donating what you can to Hope Co-Op’s Afghan Fund.

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The Living Support Fund

Support a student seeking asylum in Australia to be able to live while they study at University 

The Youth Plus Foundation is committed to providing equitable educational opportunities for young people. The Living Support Fund (LSF) is an example of how we are liberating education for asylum seekers in Australia. A holistic model of emotional and financial/material support for young asylum-seekers to gain access to tertiary scholarships in Australian Universities, the LSF provides comprehensive support, helping ensure that the human potential and social inclusion nurtured by their scholarships is realised.

Currently people who seek asylum on arrival in Australia are offered only temporary protection, even if they are assessed to be a refugee under Australia’s new truncated “fast track” refugee processing. With the United Nations Refugee Convention excised by law from this new refugee processing policy, holders of Bridging Visas (BVEs), Temporary Protection Visas (TPVs) and Safe Haven Enterprise Visas (SHEVs) must pay international student fees to access tertiary training and education and are not able to access student support funding from Centrelink.

This is a significant structural barrier preventing full participation in Australian society.

The Australian Human Rights Commission estimates that there are some 16,000 asylum-seeking children graduating from Australian schools each year who are unable to progress to higher education. There are also adults who fled during their studies, and those who cannot yet afford to retrain in Australia in their professional capacity.

In response to the substantial barriers preventing people seeking asylum from participating in higher education, many Australian universities have introduced fee-waiver scholarships, bursaries, and living stipends. Some have also linked part-time employment opportunities to their scholarships.

The LSF was one of the first initiatives in the country to provide a small ‘living support’ payment to students on these scholarships. 

The LSF is funded via sponsorship from our partners and donations from our supporters in the community.


Direct Bank Deposit 

BSB 064-786  Account No. 100023531 Ref. LSF

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100% of your money will go towards:

  • supplying a yearly transport card, to make sure students never have to miss classes or lectures because of transport costs.
  • helping when financial crises arise, with emergency food and living costs
  • helping with the costs of university text books
  • giving a student a small but reliable contribution towards regular rent, bills and food expenses.

And, you donation is tax deductible! 

There are plenty of ways to give!

Consider raising money for the Living Support Fund by:

    • Setting up a regular donation (weekly/monthly)
    • Hosting an lunch/event/fundraiser (let us support you, and invite us to speak about our work)
    • Implementing a staff giving program through your workplace payroll
    • Conduct an appeal, a raffle or  auction your boss off! Be creative!

We’ll support you to support us! 

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