Our Vision

The Youth+ Foundation is paving the way for vibrant and innovative responses

to supporting educational access to some of Australia’s most diverse and complex young people

Our Vision

To enable all young people from diverse and complex backgrounds to have equal access to educational opportunities

Our Values

  • We give a voice to young people on a national scale
  • We support the broad interests of the community
  • We make young people visible
  • We encouraging participation in making the world a fairer and better place
  • We believe in promoting flexible education that supports young people to life rich and fulfilling lives
  • We are inclusive in all that we do
Community Connections
  • We provide real connection with the community to provide opportunities to support the education of our young people through individual or collective giving
  • We support the delivery of unique and innovative responses to learning that traditional education has failed to do
  • We work with Flexible Learning communities to support the development of resources and operations to deliver modern educational opportunities to young people
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