people are homeless on any given night in Australia – 27% are under 19 years of age


young people across Australia,
do not attend school


more likely for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people to be unemployed


Children, under 15 years  – 17.4% – live below the poverty line in Australia

Education is a basic human right

Yet some young people are missing out. Young people from diverse and complex backgrounds are often disenfranchised from mainstream education and experience significant challenges associated with personal, family, social and community alienation.

These are the young people who are the least likely to attend school.

Our Intention

The Youth+ Foundation envisions a world where all young people from diverse and complex backgrounds have equal access to educational opportunities.

Flexible Learning Centres

Over 2000 young people are enrolled in EREA Youth+ Flexible Learning Centres (FLCs).

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Young People

Over 500 Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander young people are engaged in FLCs.

Young People Not Learning

Some 70000 young people are not enrolled in any formal education settling in Australia