Young Entrepreneurs take out 2018 Hildebrand Award!

Congratulations to the young people of Mount Isa Flexible Learning Centre who were the successful recipients of the Inaugural Greg Hildebrand Award in 2018 having created a social enterprise that connects them with each other, their school, families and community.

The Mount Isa FLC Mowing and Garden Maintenance Enterprise aims to support young people to achieve a sense of greatness!Young people are learning to work as members of a co-operative social enterprise that provides them with skills based learning, work experience and further work opportunities. The young people will offer a donation based service to the community and feel that the elderly in particular, as well as their own families, will benefit from their social enterprise.

The Youth+ Foundation and the Hildebrand Family commend the young people of Mount Isa FLC on their successful application and are excited to follow the journey of this social enterprise that has been created and driven by the young people themselves! Congratulations to everyone involved.

Our young people are looking for ways to make sense of our world and their place within it and this project would give them an amazing start as they aspire to reach their fullest potential and greatest dreams.” Blake Noonan, Teacher – Mount Isa FLC 

As always, the Youth+ Foundation are forever grateful to the Hildebrand Family, particularly Clive and Nita who have made these young people’s ideas come to life through this special Award, in memory of their beloved son Greg.


Megan HallYoung Entrepreneurs take out 2018 Hildebrand Award!