Who We Are

Who are we?

The Youth+ Foundation is a charitable trust focused on supporting vibrant and innovative responses to provide equitable educational access for some of Australia’s most diverse and complex young people.

Much of the work of the Youth+ Foundation centres on the generation of funds to increase Flexible Learning Centre’s capacity to respond to the needs of young people who are disengaged from education, through best practice. These funds are aimed at supporting a wide range of programs and projects that directly benefit young people who experience barriers to education across Australia:

  • Literacy programs for young people who have experienced significant gaps in their schooling
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander connection to Culture and Country Programs
  • Domestic and Family Violence Awareness Programs
  • Social and emotional wellbeing programs
  • Outdoor Adventure Based Programs – therapeutic focus
  • Creative Arts/Photography Programs
  • Living support projects
  • Asylum Seeker Educational Access Programs

Click here to read a copy of the YouthPlus Foundation Strategic Plan – April 2016.


The Youth+ Foundation also has a focus on Public Awareness and & Advocacy

Contributing to local, national and international research projects on flexible learning to re-engage young people in education is a high priority. Flexible Learning Centres are front-runners in incorporating trauma-based practice to provide best practice for young people; and in the use of a principles based approach to operating our schools.

The Youth+ Foundation Ltd is a strong advocate to promote research findings, communicate success stories and support other initiatives to deliver engaging education to marginalised young people.


It’s the extra stuff……

It’s the ‘extra’ work of Flexible Learning Centres that the Youth+ Foundation prides itself in supporting

  • It’s the access and financial support to an external sporting opportunity that a young person normally would have
  • It’s the financial support to workers seek to operate a healthy relationships program for young people in Flexi’s
  • It’s the financial support to teachers who wish to deliver a literacy program that is outside of their core programming and budget
  • It’s the opportunities to support young people in unique and innovative ways, like music and art – that may mean they turn up to a maths class

The Youth+ Foundation plays a role in making these things happen.


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