Who We Are

The Youth+ Foundation Ltd was established as a charitable trust to assist in the generation of funds to support Youth+ operations to increase our ability to respond to the needs of young people who are disengaged from education, in the best possible way.

Click here to read a copy of the YouthPlus Foundation Strategic Plan – April 2016.

The Youth+ Foundation Ltd promotes and supports Youth+ to provide a quality and innovative education for young people from, diverse and complex backgrounds. The Youth+ Foundation does this by:

Supporting Young People

  • Mobile programs – that utilise community spaces and facilities – especially for those young people for whom sitting in a classroom is not an option.
  • Adventure based outdoor education – young people learn about teamwork, leadership, the natural environment and the power of challenging yourself to achieve goals.
  • Music programs – we have recording studios established in many of the FLCs
  • Arts and cultural programs – bringing in artists and community to work with the young people on exciting projects
  • Health and nutrition programs – our young people get breakfast and lunch each day. They learn about nutrition and how to cook healthy meals.
  • Literacy and Numeracy – many of our young people struggle after very disrupted years of primary education. They need one on one support and specialist literacy and numeracy support.
  • Vocational education and training – our aim is for young people to transition to further education, training or employment. Many of the young people gain VET qualifications and participate in work experience.
  • Mental health –many of our young people require day to day counseling and support for mental health issues. We employ youth workers, social workers and psychologists as well as using community mental health services



Contributing to local, national and international research projects on flexible learning to re-engage young people in education is a high priority. Flexible Learning Centres are front-runners in incorporating trauma-based practice to provide best practice for young people; and in the use of a principles based approach to operating our schools.

The Youth+ Foundation Ltd is a strong advocate to promote research findings, communicate success stories and support other initiatives to deliver engaging education to marginalised young people.


Supporting staff professional development

The staff that work at Flexible Learning Centres are unique.They support young people who live with many challenges with education, social and emotional well being, physical and mental health, neglect and abuse, drug and alcohol misuse, juvenile justice and child safety issues.

Staff need continuous learning and development to ensure that young people receive the best support possible. The Youth+ Foundation Ltd aims to ensure Youth+ staff across Australia have access to quality professional development.


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