Youth+ Foundation launches the new look Hook into Books Campaign 2019

It gives us great pleasure to officially launch the 2019 Hook into Books Campaign with National Ambassador Samantha Wheeler

Did you know that 50% of 15 to 24-year-olds are unable to read to an adequate level to properly function in society. Did you also know that these young people go onto make up the 46% of Australians who cannot function effectively in a knowledge- based economy, due to poor literacy.

Each and every day you do such incredible work with young people who have low levels of literacy – Hook into Books is a simple way for us to shine a light on and keep the national conversation focused on young people – who experience daily barriers to living in a knowledge-rich society – to access meaningful, appropriate educational opportunities.

This year, it is important acknowledge additional support from our ‘Hook into Books’ Campaign Champions

Michael Gerard Bauer

 Cath Crowley 

Rebecca Sparrow 

Megan Daley 

Activities of this years Campaign include:

  • Catch-a-flexi-reader competition
  • The Travelling Suitcase
  • ‘For reading out loud’ online event
  • A mindfulness reading hour

Check out the Hook into Books Campaign Pages NOW for more information

Megan HallHOOK INTO BOOKS 2019