Hook Into Books 2018

Catch a Reader – Grand Slam Edition 2018

The challenge has been set for 2018! Are you ready to triple your catch?

Our Catch-a-Reader campaign is back this year – bigger than ever!

This year we’ve taken it to the next level with our Grand Slam Edition – Catch at least 3 readers a day over literacy week to go in the running to win a $1000 prize for your school’s library!

Catch a fellow student reading a magazine, an e-book or a novel – doesn’t matter – it’s all about spreading the joy of reading and discovering new possibilities when you read.


Here’s how to WIN:

Step 1. Catch someone reading & snap an unidentifying pic (at least 3 readers a day to win the GRAND SLAM PRIZE)

Step 2. Share to Foundation Facebook / Twitter Page (Please request permission before you post!)

Step 3. Hashtag #CATCHAFLEXIREADER on our social media pages

Step 4. Keep catching all those busy readers in your school/community to gain GRAND SLAM status!

May the best catch win!

National Hook Into Books Campaign Ambassador: Samantha Wheeler


We are extremely excited to welcome back Australian Children’s Author, Samantha Wheeler as our Hook Into Books Campaign Ambassador. Last year, we were honored to partner with Sam as part of our Young Writers Workshop program. Sam conducted a number of workshops to assist our young people and challenge their literacy and story writing skills. These workshops were open to any student who had a desire to share their story or develop new writing skills.

This year, Sam will be the face of our Catch-A-Flexi-Reader Gram Slam Edition Campaign! Throughout literary week, we will be challenging our community to take unidentifying pictures of fellow readers and share these across our social media platforms (#CATCHAFLEXIREADER). To win an amazing $1000 prize towards the school’s library, the young people must ‘catch’ at least 3 readers a day. Our Catch-A-Flexi-Reader Campaign focuses on promoting a love of reading and engaging our young people with a diverse range of literature.

Our Hook Into Books campaign highlights the importance of reading and literacy in our community. We are delighted to partner with Samantha who is passionate about literacy and providing authentic writing experiences for our young people.

Megan HallHook Into Books 2018